Limbaugh Admits Republican Ideas Don’t Work

We know they don’t work, but Limbaugh proves it.

Limbaugh Says “Atlas Shrugged” Is Socialist Propaganda

Almost. You’ll see what I mean. Yesterday’s was late, so you got two today in rapid succession. Enjoy!

Limbaugh Lie: Republicans Are The Party Of Ideas

It’s an old one, but it never dies. Republicans, who hate “pointy headed intellectuals,” are the true intellectuals. But here’s the question. How do their ideas work?

Limbaugh Lie: GOP Blameless For Sequester

He says it’s all Obama’s fault. The question is why this particular lie is so important.

Limbaugh’s Business Model Depends On Charity

He says good journalism should be profitable. But where does he get his “good journalism?”

Defeat Rush Limbaugh Pilot

Obama promised America a “brighter future” — that dastardly fiend. So says Limbaugh on today’s Limbaugh Lie Of The Day.

Why Do They Want Doomsday?

Barney Frank discusses banks and cops on Bill Maher. An “Occupy” activist grills him on the bank bailout? What did she want, a financial meltdown? For some the answer is yes.

No show Tuesday. We’re preparing the return of the Rush Limbaugh Lie Of The Day! Coming Wednesday!

What Goldman Sachs Does For You

We will be off next week. Then our schedule will be four weeks on, one week off.

What Is Government?

Obama’s Failure!

What happens if Obama let’s one through?