Some Liberals Help Limbaugh On Syria

You would think the last thing any self-respecting liberal would want to do is enable rightwing attacks on the President. Seriouslyu, is it really that hard to find a reason to have the President’s back against a despot who used poison gas?

The Living Wage Is No Slippery Slope

Limbaugh seems a little confused on the current minimum wage. He says it’s dictated by “the market,” but of course, it isn’t. He also indulges in the popular slippery slope argument. “Why not $15, or $25, or $50, or $100 an hour?” Learn how to handle that one, because you’ll hear it again.

Capitalist Culture Destroys Morality!

Conservatives are blaming recent sensational murders on “the culture” … by which they mean “liberal culture.” Limbaugh says people are taught “you are the center of the universe. There is nothing more important than you.” He may be right about the message, but he is wrong about who delivers it. Capitalist businesses teach self-indulgence 24/7 right on your TV set.

Don’t miss this one. It’s good.

Healthcare Is A Right!

To win this argument, you must establish that healthcare is a right. But how? Why not start with the Declaration of Independence.

Capitalism Is Failing

Our millionaires have never been richer than they are right now. They control more wealth, and earn more income relative to the rest of society that at any time in history. According to Limbaugh and the rest of the Republicans, they are the “job creators.”

So where are the jobs?

Defeat Rush Limbaugh: Fake Benghazi Outrage

Here’s the question. Where is the outrage for 12 attacks on US embassies, resulting in 60 deaths … during the Bush administration?

Winning The Water Cooler War

50 million people have opinions shaped by Rush Limbaugh. They’re everywhere, and you know them. It’s time to speak up!

Limbaugh Lie: Democrats Create Dependency

It is perhaps the single biggest lie he tells. Democrats want you “dependent on government.” Why then, have Democratic adminstrations created 25 million more jobs than Republicans since the end of World War II? Limbaugh doesn’t answer that question … probably because he doesn’t know that little fact.

Limbaugh Stumbles Over GOP Alternatives To Healthcare Reform

Newt Gingrich says they stopped Hillarycare because they had an alternative. He says they need a new alternative to stop Obamacare. Limbaughs disagrees. He says they should run on “free market” … which means “do nothing.” Here’s the problem for Gingrich and Limbaugh, Obamacare IS the Republican alternative … the very alternative Gingrich proposed in 1994.

Limbaugh Admits Capitalism Doesn’t Work

Yesterday it was Republican ideas, today it’s capitalism itself. Find out why on today’s show.